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My name is Taleah and I am 23. I have Lupus (SLE) and Sickle Cell Disease. I have been sick since 2011. I work part time from home, I go to school online full time taking, I am a senior and I am studying Psychology in hopes to become an advocate for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault victims. I hope one day to open up my own shelter and then go back to school to get my masters so that I can become a counselor. My partner works full time, but it is not enough to cover bills, living expenses and my thousands of dollars in medical expenses. 

My symptoms include: seizures, excruciating pain in my joints and muscles, breathing issues, nausea, high blood pressure, hair loss, skin rashes, vision loss (from medication), trouble walking, trouble digesting food and going to the restroom. 

The Lupus has spread to my lungs, brain, joints, muscles, skin and part of my renal system. 

My illneses also affect my GI tract (my bowel, intestines and stomach) 

I am currently on portable oxygen while I am out and at night sometimes when I sleep due to the Lupus affecting my lungs.

Thank you for your support, all proceeds help with my medical expenses & is spent on the following:

• co-payments/ co-insurance payments for doctors appointments, hospital visits, testing, and medication. 

• my oxygen rental fee (I pay a monthly fee to my insurance for my portable oxygen concentrator and my at home concentrator) 

• travel expenses to doctors appointments (I see 8 doctors all over the Austin area and surrounding suburbs and sometimes I can’t drive myself especially for procedures or after surgeries of course so I may have to Lyft or give someone gas money to take me if my partner is unable to take off work) 

• medical miscellaneous supplies and expenses. 

For more information on how the funds are spent, please email me :  or use the “Contact” tab at the bottom of the page or from the drop down menu. 

More ways to donate:

Venmo: taleahmcknight


Paypal: PayPal.Me/TaleahMcknight (this option doesn’t take any fees from the donation)

After donating, please make sure to send me an email with your name and address.

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