PROCESSING: Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for me to process orders, business days only (no weekends or holidays included) turnaround (to process orders) due to my medical conditions and


* SHIPPING: This occurs after processing and you’ll receive a tracking number via email once a tracking number has been created and it has been scanned in by the carrier. Please check your spam email after your inbox if you can’t locate it.


* CONTACT: If you have questions about where proceeds go please use the contact page or email me at leah@chronically20something.com . You can also do the same if you have order questions, please include your name and order information.



I want to make it clear that I don’t have much assistance. I also am in pain a lot, I didn’t create this business just to make money or even to make a living. I created Chronically 20 Something to stay alive and to help me maintain a decent quality of life. I lost my primary health insurance last year and I am having to pay for many things out of pocket. All proceeds from sales and donations go to my medical expenses. When a purchase or a donation is made, the money is deposited into an account specifically for my medical expenses and I have a separate debit card linked so that I can track all spending. I use the money for many different things but here’s a few things you should know you’re helping me with when you donate to me or purchase from me: prescription, chemo, infusion, medication, appointment or surgery co payments +/or sliding scale self pay payments, alternative meds, natural pain relief products such as topicals, deep tissue massages for pain & essentials while hospitalized.

Thank you for supporting my shop because you’re contributing to a better quality of life for me. I love you friends.

Returns & Refunds:

***please note that i am not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages and if you have an issue with delivery, please contact USPS.
there will be no refunds for packages lost by the carrier due to it being out of my control. you . may contact them via phone or through their website, first class shipping does not come with insurance but you may file a missing mail claim on the USPS website and they can attempt to to . locate your package ( https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm ) once a package is dropped off at USPS, it is no longer in my control*** (if you would like to purchase a shipping option with insurance, please let me know via email)

$5 fee is deducted from refunds. Refunds are very rare and on a case by case basis.