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Personalized Bar Necklace
$28.00 - $40.00

***Rose Gold is more expensive because it is 14k rose gold filled.
Silver and Gold are just plated.***

These are hand stamped.
What you would like the necklace to say in NOTES TO SELLER
Make sure what you put in the notes match the number of characters you paid for in this format -
- D+T, darkened, right alignment
- D *heart* T, non-darkend, centered
- 02.13.17. *heart* , darkened, left alignment

symbols available: &,+, *heart*, .

Your letters & numbers
If you would just like a date, just choose 1-5
Symbols do not count towards your character limit
Please allow up to 21 business days to make your order 3-5 days for delivery

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